Let me tell you a little bit about myself

Back when my fellow kindergartners were scribbling stick figures, I was drawing anatomically correct illustrations. Needless to say, my discerning eye and advanced ability not only made people sit up and take notice but also caused my kindergarten teacher to pronounce that one day I would be an artist. She was right.

I have been a professional graphic designer for more than 15 years. I began my career as an in-house designer for a printer and then quickly made the move to the agency side…moving my way up to Creative Director. During this time I have had the opportunity to work on accounts such as Johnson Controls, Briggs & Stratton, Aurora Healthcare, Time Warner, UnitedHealthcare and GE Healthcare.

Since moving to Columbia, MO in 2008 I've decided to fly solo – doing both photography and graphic design. Taking pictures is something I love doing in my free time. After many years of directing professional photo shoots and retouching photos I’ve developed quite the knack for taking photos myself.